Deal With Your Dirty Pool. Schedule Regular Cleaning.

Get our pool cleaning service in Kemp, TX

Nobody wants to dive into a pool filled with leaves, twigs, bugs or other debris. If your pool is so dirty it's turning green, it's time to hire a pool cleaning service. Elite Pool Repair offers one-time and weekly pool service for residential and commercial clients in Kemp, TX.

We even have regular maintenance plans available for those that need frequent cleanings. Call 214-884-7665 now to book pool cleaning service.

Why you should get regular pool cleaning services

Why you should get regular pool cleaning services

Scheduling weekly pool service is a great option for Kemp, TX homeowners and business owners alike. Here's why:

  • It prevents pesky algae infestations that are difficult to treat
  • The cleaners can check for properly functioning pool equipment
  • It helps maintain a proper chemical balance in your pool
  • Professional cleaners will save you the time and effort it takes to clean the pool yourself

If you're a business owner, it's even more important that your pool is clean for your guests. Our team can help you maintain a professional appearance for your customers.